Stereo Zoom Microscope with HD Camera (SOPTOP)

Part No: SZMN7045-HD6

Horizontal Profile Projector

    High Quality Optical System                                                      Fully coated optical system, sharp and clear images with extremely good flatness and contrast. The image are brighter and more distinct even at the periphery of the visual field.

    Structure Design of Ergonomics                                                Newly modern apperance with "lock magnification" function. Viewing head 45° inclined, 360° rotatable, each tube allow interpupillary distance and diopter adjustment to suit user and ergonomic design.

    SZMN7045 Stereo Zoom Microscope 

    • Magnification: 7x ~ 45x
    • On Screen Magnification: 16x ~ 110x (11.6" Monitor)
    • Eyepiece: Wide field and high eye-point eyepiece WF10x/20mm
    • Viewing head: Trinocular head, 45° rotatable, inter-purpillary range 54~76mm, both two side diopter adjustment (+/-5)
    • Working distance 100mm
    • Focus arm: Tension adjustable, adjust range 50mm
    • Standard pillar type sector stand


    iMag Highspeed HDMI Camera                  

    • 6MP HD image sensor to providing excellent image quality
    • Built-in mouse control camera
    • Superb Smart Camera that automatically analyzes the acquired image and optimizes the white balance, exposure time and satuaration to present the prefect images
    • Complete exposure setting from 1ms up to 10 second
    • Gain setting up to 20 level of gain adjustment
    • 3D Noise Reduction to make the image always clean and sharp
    • Get more detail with ROI function
    • Cross line function
    • Image comparison function
    • HDMI and USB 2 output
    • Powerful ISCapture measurement software when use USB output
    • Connect to monitor with HDMI port directly
    • Capture image, record video to SD card
    • Powerful ON Screen Measurement without using PC
    • Micron Level Measurement Accuracy
    • Measurement for Various Application, Exporting measurement data
    • 11.6" Retina Monitor

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